Surface Finishing

Wet Spraying

What is Wet Paint Spraying?

Wet spraying is a traditional surface coating method by which we apply a liquid coating to a prepared surface and in doing so, help to create a product that is stylish and lasts the test of time.

All coatings are applied to specified Dry Film Thickness (DFT) to suit general industrial and heavy-duty applications.

We are also able to spray direct to a metal coat finish or on a multi-coat system, depending on your businesses requirements. In addition, we offer conventional, airless, air assisted and HVLP application systems.

Our clients have come to expect the best possible level of service from Maine and to ensure that we fulfil this standard every time, we undertake a number of essential practices:

  We have qualified in-house inspectors trained up to Level III ICorr (Institute of Corrosion).
  Individual swatch tests, product tests and whole factory climatic tests which utilise a range of manual and electronic NDT tests on prepared, in-process and finished products.

In our experience, our finished products attest to the quality of service that we offer but we are able to provide copies of quality reports andother documentation if needed.

Liquid Coatings


Maine offer cost effective protective or decorative coatings applied as single or multilayer systems to meet our customer’s needs and can accommodate product within a work envelope of 14m x 4m x 3.5m.

A full range of RAL and BS colours are available and we have over 150 years combined experience working on the many platforms available including Zinc Silicates, Epoxy Primers, Polyurethanes, Epoxy and Glass Flake Epoxy coatings.

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